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I am Abha Ranganathan and I am basically from Bangalore. I am very active and purposeful. One of my dreams is to visit America. I have always been attracted to the culture of America. I have no bad habits as I believe that my body is a temple and a vessel for my future child. I am looking for a decent man with whom I can live the rest of my life. I am determined to find my soul mate and I don't want to play any games. By profession, I am a fashion stylist and I help people to change their styles according to their personalities. I am strong enough but still have some weak points. I am trustful and many people used that and that’s the reason I don’t easily trust people. Other than that, I am an active Bangalore russian escorts.

I have tried that once and I want to try it one more time. I believe that no minute of our lives shouldn't be wasted. I strongly believe that the more you give the more you get. In my spare time, I would love to go for a long walk and to drink beer at home watching any thriller or scary web series. I think that a relationship should never be one-sided. Both people should put equal efforts into a relationship. Being no string attached I can be Bangalore russian escorts.

Don't think much about the fun, just be with one the companion of Bangalore russian escorts to create some underneath magic.

I am seeking an honest guy who can watch horror movies with me. Someone who can play my favourite songs on a way to a long drive. I just need a faithful and trustworthy guy. If you have all those qualities, then don't hesitate to ask me out and make me feel like Bangalore russian escorts.

I'd go for a bloody marry over mimosas. Haven't missed a single friend's party, my home smells of flowers and I think that I get along with both cats and dogs. You'll catch me with friends outdoors than at a cinema and cooking rather than going for takeaway. I like everyday romance, I'll chose silly notes in the kitchen and hidden treats over diamonds any day, so that I can perform like a Bangalore russian escorts to him.

I want us to form a bond, to be Bangalore russian escorts for life. We will help one other to grow as man and woman, experiencing unforgettable moments of heart-warming laughter, delicious food, crazy pranks and so much more that the wonders of living have to offer. We better keep up, for the best is yet to come.

If you're a tiger, I may come running after you! I still find a man who can me make me laugh a lot, cook and won't hesitate to go on adventures together! Don't hesitate to be silly with anyone, I can be somewhat of a clown myself. Massages and back scratching skills are a huge plus in my book! Not afraid of wild cats like Bangalore russian escorts? I'm right here.

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