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From pole dancer in LA to becoming a part of Bangalore escort agency.

Hello you horney people, my name is Laira and I am a wonderful, sexy and naughty woman you would ever see in your life.

Well, about my life I am from Las Vegas and settled in Bangalore where I was working as a strip dancer in a club. I am basically an Indian as I was born in India. I was tired of being working as a strip dancer in Las Vegas. So, I decided to come to India in the search of a life partner

I've never been to India before. I've always wanted to come here and finally, I am here. I was working as a strip dancer for the past twelve years and I am proud of my job. I always loved to dance and so I choose to become a strip dancer. I am always proud of my choices like what I've become and what I was doing in my life working with Bangalore escort agency.

I feel like a person who should never regret their choices. They should be proud of them and should always remember them. I think that choices are something that makes a person who they are.

I came here to India as I never been into a serious relationship before. I've always had partners only for fun and for hookups. I feel that I will find someone here that will make my life more beautiful. I always know that Indian men are sensitive, emotional, and are of gentlemen type. This make my job more easy as Bangalore escort agency.

Let me elaborate you about my sexual adventure with Bangalore escort agency.

I m new to this city and country so, I felt that a dating website would a nice option for me to go for. I am looking for a long term relationship with someone who is smart, naughty like me and someone who knows how to treat a girl. I want someone with whom I can get settle and can see my future. And now for some of my horny past as Bangalore escort agency babe!

Don’t get it twisted I am a total package when it comes to giving you an absolute satisfaction and pleasure, I am for anything that would satisfy you. I am very naughty and beautiful, she’s open-minded to new sexual adventure and very eager to serve you and turn your desires into reality. I have so many desires before and after indulging me in to Bangalore escort agency, but my major hobby is to put smiles on people’s faces.

My sexual prowess is phenomenal, full of pleasure, sweet and satisfying. I am one of the topmost escorts and a very wonderful company to be around with; I will turn dull moments into an electrifying and exciting moment. I have a sweet Barbie look, a fantastic figure, and a charming smile. So go ahead, catch as much fun and pleasure you can get with Bangalore escort agency, I am out here to please and satisfy you.

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